Videoboard Procurement Options

Over the past 30+ years, the principals of National Sports Services have been directly involved with attracting and entertaining over 20 million fans at sporting events. 

NSS offers a variety of packages to provide you with the information and execution to procure the best videoboard for your budget. We have never “COST” a team. Our services produce overall savings, getting you a bigger board and more equipment. We can guarantee you will benefit both visually and monetarily by having NSS on your team. 

PACKAGE A Videoboard Budget and Design Assessment $5,000 Flat Fee 

NSS will perform a comprehensive videoboard project assessment and overview of the existing fa- cility to discuss what would be best for your stadium. NSS will furnish a comprehensive report with recommendations providing initial design and budgetary pricing that will offer enhancement to the overall fan experience and marketing opportunities. 

  • Assess the current logistics of videoboard and front end equipment 
  • Budget your videoboard for the current size as it relates to your facility and income it will generate. 
  • Solidify total install project budget 

PACKAGE B Budget, Design and Distribute RFP $1.5% of Budget 

Taking the comprehensive assessment, NSS will develop and distribute and official RFP. 

  • Includes all offerings of Package A 
  • Create and Distribute Request for Proposal document 

PACKAGE C Budget, Design, RFP, and Negotiations $2.5% of Budget 

Understanding all of the idiosyncrasies of videoboard purchasing can take years to understand and master. NSS will oversee the procurement and negotiation process with the support of your ownership and management. 

  • Includes all offerings of Package A and B 
  • Handle all incoming proposals and sort through their respective idiosyncrasies in order to make a qualified comparison of products 

PACKAGE D Budget, Design and act as Buyer Agent: Total Turnkey Service TBD 

This packages takes all responsibilities and efforts out of the team’s hand. NSS will procure a videoboard, audio system, video gear, ribbons and/or digital signage that meets the accepted requirements of budget and design. You will then purchase everything needed for the tech retrofit from NSS. 

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All bid documents will be agnosfic allowing any vendor/manufacturer to bid the project 


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